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The Young Land
( 1959 )

[ 01:26:24 ]

The Young Land

The Young Land (1959) Western, Adventure, Drama, History Movie DVD
1h 29min | Western, Adventure, Drama, History | NR

An American gunslinger kills a Mexican man in California immediately after the Mexican-American war. The killer is arrested and put on trial for murder with the Hispanic population waiting to learn of American justice.

This DVD of the 1959 Western, Adventure, Drama and History movie The Young Land has been digitally re-mastered to maintain the original retro/classic scratched look and feel of the original movie that was so common at the time of its creation.

Director: Ted Tetzlaff
Writer: Norman S. Hall, John Reese
Stars: Patrick Wayne, Yvonne Craig, Dennis Hopper


"Don Roberto de la Madrid" was played by the real-life Roberto de la Madrid Romandia (February 3, 1922 - March 19, 2010)... this was his only acting role. He was a Mexican elected official who served as governor of Baja California from 1977 to 1983 and was the first American-born governor of a Mexican state. He was a very close friend of John Wayne, who's son Patrick Wayne was the star of this film.

Technical Specs

Runtime: 1h 29min






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