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Yongary: Monster from the Deep
( 1967 )

[ 01:17:39 ]

Yongary: Monster from the Deep

Yongary, Monster from the Deep (1967) Adventure, Drama, Fantasy Movie DVD
1h 20m | Adventure, Drama, Fantasy | G

Earthquakes in central Korea turn out to be the work of Yongary, a prehistoric gasoline-eating reptile that soon goes on a rampage through Seoul.

This DVD of the 1967 Adventure, Drama, Fantasy movie Yongary, Monster from the Deep has been digitally re-mastered to maintain the original retro/classic scratched look and feel of the original movie that was so common at the time of its creation.

Director: Ki-duk Kim
Writers: Ki-duk Kim
Stars: Yeong-il Oh, Jeong-im Nam, Soon-jae Lee

A South Korean family celebrates the wedding of an astronaut. Then the groom receives a call on his wedding night that he is needed for a reconnaissance flight during which he observes a nuclear test that triggers an earthquake in Korea. Strangely, the quake's epicenter keeps moving towards Seoul.

A photographer who was documenting the moving temblor's damage notifies authorities that its cause is a gigantic underground creature making its way toward Seoul. Martial law is declared. As the creature, Yongary, emerges, it begins to wreak havoc on the city. Later, it is seen drinking from a refinery's storage tanks to fuel its flaming breath. Icho, an eight-year-old boy, also notices that it disliked a tank of ammonia when it was ruptured. Il-Woo, the boyfriend of Icho's sister, is a scientist.

He recognizes the creature's aversion response and concocts a precipitate of ammonia. The first batch puts Yongary temporarily to sleep, so a stronger form needs to be created. This is taken up in a helicopter to be deployed.

Technical Specs

Runtime: 1 hour 20 minutes
Sound Mix: Mono
Color: Color
Aspect Ratio: 2.35 : 1






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